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parents corner

Writing for a Cause by Kids4Kids

Submit your work and get it published!

(Click the picture above for submission details.)

Ages: 6 – 16 years old

Submission period: 1st – 30th September, 2013

*Available for individual and group submission.

Please go to Kids4Kids for more information.


My Little Paper, Daily7 & Daily10 “Summer Competition” calls for submission!

Click and see the enlarged images below.


Futuristic Home Drawing Competition in June

From designers-to-be to future architects, there are no boundaries to limit their thoughts about their dream homes.

(Click the poster to register your child for the competition.)

Put your children’s thoughts into action by outlining their dreams on canvas! Let them picture their dream homes of 20 years time on a piece of paper.

Two categories:
A. Ages 4-8
B. Ages 9-13

Submission Date and Time:
June 8 (Sat.) – 11am-7pm
June 9 (Sun.) – 11am-5pm

Hall 3G, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai.


CMF World Carnival 2013

Fabulous Fun Day for Families in Cyberport!

The “CMF World Carnival 2013” is an exciting charity fun fair attracting hundreds of families and children from all over Hong Kong.  Funds raised will help expand critical medical programs that save the lives of babies born in rural China.

Families with children of all ages will be thrilled by the oversized bouncy castles, giant slide, blast tag, carnival games, arts & crafts, play areas, and sweets based on the international theme of seven continents.  Children will carry special “passports,” collecting stamps, prizes, and other goodies as they travel to various stops “around the world.”

(Click the image on the right and learn more about the event.)

Date:  Sunday, May 5, 2013

Time:  12:00nn – 4:00pm

Venue:  Podium & Ocean View Court, Cyberport

For more details, please visit


Words from Children’s Literature Writers

David Seow’s tips on young writers

“Children enjoy reading more when colourful drawings or interesting pictures are included. Images are a writing guide for children. They are encouraged to put their thoughts into words with the help of an image. It is not a surprise to find many children are gifted in writing at a fairly young age.”

Click the picture to learn more about David!


Sarah Webb talks about her journey of becoming a writer

Sarah had a difficult time in learning at a young age. It was her fondness for stories that helped her overcome her difficulties, and later she engaged herself in writing books. Parents can help children develop an interest in books by providing books with interesting plots. Strong and bold characters fascinate children. It is crucial to encourage children to finish reading a book without quitting in the mid way. Interest in writing usually comes along after becoming a vivid reader.

Click the picture to learn more about Sarah!


Dr. Macintyre’s tips on how to encourage children to read

Children need encouragement when they first encounter book reading. Neither are they experienced readers or parents who have no problems to commit a certain amount of time to reading a book. If a child is reading a book while lying on the floor, it reflects that this child is enjoying the activity in a relaxed posture. Fables are a popular genre among children because they evoke strong emotions in children.

Authors Notes

Receive “FREE TICKETS” to Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival 2013

A 2-week literary festival for children will take place from 11th to 22nd March. Award-winning authors and prolific children’s literature writers share their expertise throughout the event. We are thrilled to receive 6 complimentary tickets to one of the highlighted sessions for our readers.

What is the session about?
Book Learning: Survival Strategies for Parents and Educators
“Getting young people enthusiastic about books is what teachers and parents love, but what are the practicalities? Dr. Pam Macintyre talks about new ways of looking at storytelling, classrooms and just how we should define books and reading.”

When and where?
12th March 2013 (Tuesday), 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Activity Room 2, Hong Kong Central Library

How to get a ticket?
Send an email to and write “Daily7 – Daily10 – HKIYRF2013 Complimentary Tickets” in the subject line.
*Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis.

For more details on the festival or author information, please go to the official website at


CWS City Challenge 2013

Following the success of the event in 2012, the CWS City Challenge 2013 will continue the fun and excitement for a great cause – funding over 30,000 Nepalese children through education, health care, and social opportunities every year.

Competitors will be in teams to compete over 15 check-point challenges from Hollywood Road Park to Sai Street on March 2 (Saturday).

“It’s not just a race about speed but about skill, team spirit, general knowledge and strategic thinking all rolled into one fabulously fun afternoon for a great cause,” said organiser Zein Williams of CWS Hong Kong.

Winners will be addressed at the prize presentation, followed by an after-party.

Spend a Saturday afternoon with friends and family to support this meaningful event co-organised by CWS. Mark your calendar and prepare for the chellenges OR get your whistle and cheer for the competitors.

Find our more at
Official CWS website:
For specific details: contact Zein at or 2526 8810


Friendships and Tolerance

My daughter is friends with a set of twins. The last time we had them over, one of them was noticeably more disruptive and difficult than the other. My daughter no longer wants to invite her anywhere and only wants to spend time with the twin she gets along with. How do I handle this?

Dr. Helen Poon answers: As a parent, the most instinctive response would be to agree with your daughter’s good sense and to encourage her to put distance to peers who display undesirable behaviours. However, life is never that simple. I think as a parent, we also need to think about what we want our children to learn from such experiences.

Potential Learning

1)    It can help foster EMPATHY. What would it be like for the little girl who may be told that if she wants to maintain in a friendship she has to leave her sister at home? Or what would it be like to be knowingly unwelcomed, while your sister was invited to go to places? How would you feel if you were in their shoes?

2)    It can help promote TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE. Although the twin may display behaviours which can be unpleasant, there may be positive attributes that your daughter has yet to discover (fostering appreciation)? For example, she may be disruptive but she can also be a very loyal friend.

3)    It can facilitate DISCUSSION and NEGOTIATION: Perhaps encouraging your daughter to talk to the ‘disruptive twin’ from the standpoint of an inquisitive but respectful enquirer.  For example, ‘I don’t understand what happened the other day, there must be a good reason for what had happened…’ This may bring to light possible good reasons for such behaviour. For example, could the ‘disruptive child’ be feeling unwell that day? Or perhaps she was going through a particularly difficult day?

4)    It can also be helpful to equip your child with some PROBLEM-SOLVING strategies by running through some ‘what if…’ situations to manage her expectations around potential future interactions. If such and such happened again, what can you do? (This requires you to brainstorm ideas with your child). This is done on the premise that tolerance can be affected by our expectations. If we expect something frustrating or annoying to continue to frustrate or annoy us, we can prepare for it and therefore more easily tolerate it.

5)    It can help promote the understanding of CONSEQUENCE.  What possible outcomes can come out of her actions? For example, the friend may not appreciate the fact that her sister was to be excluded and may end up severing the friendship. Or perhaps, one of the girls may talk to other peers at school about the situation and can perhaps create greater negative social consequences.
It is however important to emphasize that although you are encouraging your child to be more tolerant, it does not mean that the behaviour that was exhibited by the other child was acceptable. This is to ensure that your child understands that you do not agree with or want your child to join in such undesirable behaviours displayed.

Expert Tips

Kids4Kids “Market Day – By Kids for Charity”

We never underestimate how influential a young child is to pave a way of a better world. Accompany your child to the “Market Day”organised by Kids4Kids on 24th of November at the Podium, 4/F, Cyberport. 60 stalls selling food, crafts and games will be set up in the event to raise money for less fortunate children and promoting the cause of making a difference to a better future at a young age.

Open to everyone, transportation is arranged for underprivileged children and their families to the event to enjoy the games and food free of charge.

Click here for more information.


Christmas gift ideas for your newborn

Stuck on what to get your child for Christmas?

Tiny Footprints has just announced their top 5 stocking stuffers for the holidays. They include the Jellycat Bashful Bunny (HK$195), and the Kid O Squirrel Pull Toy (HK$250).

Established in 2011, Tiny Footprints is Hong Kong’s premier store for mothers and babies.